July 13 & 14, 2024. Brighton Colorado

Jill Kanto

Founder | Choose Tiny

Who is Jill Kanto?

Jill Kanto is the passionate DIY Tiny Houser behind ChooseTiny.com. She loves connecting people to critical resources and sharing her expertise with Tiny House Dwellers & Dreamers.

By day, Jill is the Chief Digital Officer for a multimillion-dollar company. By night (and weekends), she pours her energy into ChooseTiny.com (formerly SearchTinyHouseVillages.com), making it an essential resource for tiny house enthusiasts. ChooseTiny.com is the go-to directory of tiny house communities & parking spots.

Drawing from a deep well of diverse experiences, Jill delivers actionable insights through her talks and consultations. Her wealth of knowledge pools from building her own tiny house in 2015 for her and her 2 children, a decade of researching intentional communities, living in a tiny house community, discussing tiny house legality with more than a dozen planning & zoning boards in multiple states, and speaking at over 40 tiny house festivals. Along the way, she has befriended and absorbed the wisdom of leading industry experts & advocates.

Sunday, 11am - Main Stage

Where Can I Park and Live In My Tiny Home?

Tiny House Communities & Parking

Join Jill Kanto, founder of ChooseTiny.com, as she delves into the diverse world of tiny house communities and other parking options. With 11 years of experience visiting and researching various communities, Jill also has firsthand knowledge from living in her DIY tiny house with her children in a “backyard parking” community since 2016.

In this informative session, she will cover how to find tiny house parking, the spectrum of available communities and parking options, the pros and cons of each type, resources for joining or starting a community, common mistakes when founding a community, and simple but surprisingly powerful tools for working with others.

Additionally, explore ChooseTiny.com, her free online directory of tiny house communities. Don’t miss the helpful guides and articles for invaluable information about living tiny.

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