July 13 & 14, 2024. Brighton Colorado

Damon DesChamp

Founder | Trailer Made Custom Trailers

Who is Damon DesChamp?

Damon DesChamp is the visionary founder of The Tiny House Experts at Trailer Made Custom Trailers, based in Olathe, CO. With a keen business acumen and a deep passion for innovative housing solutions, Damon has transformed the tiny house industry, providing high-quality, custom-built trailers that set the standard for tiny home foundations. His leadership and expertise have not only driven Trailer Made to the forefront of the market but also helped redefine modern homeownership, making sustainable living more accessible and affordable. Damon’s commitment to excellence and his pioneering spirit continue to inspire and shape the future of the tiny house movement.

Saturday, 11am - Main Stage

How Tiny Structures are HUGE for Entrepreneurs

Join Damon DesChamp, founder of The Tiny House Experts at Trailer Made Custom Trailers, at the Colorado Tiny House Festival as he explores the burgeoning business opportunities for entrepreneurs in the tiny house industry. Damon will share insights into how innovative ventures, from rental properties to community developments, are creating dynamic income streams. He will also discuss how regulations, often seen as hurdles, can actually benefit businesses by ensuring quality, safety, and market stability, thereby boosting consumer trust and opening new avenues for growth. Don’t miss this chance to learn how to capitalize on the evolving tiny house market and drive your entrepreneurial success.

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