July 13 & 14, 2024. Brighton Colorado

Artisan Josh

Builder Extraordinaire | Masters of Ceremony

Who is Artisan Josh?

With over 708,000 miles traveled between three houses on the road, I have become a well-known figure in the tiny house community. My unique approach to tiny house construction and repair sets me apart—I bring my skills directly to my customers. Whether it’s on their property or along their travels, I build and repair tiny houses at their convenience, making me a true traveling contractor.

Over the past seven years, I have participated in 36 festivals, sharing my passion and expertise with tiny house enthusiasts across the country. My engaging presence has earned me the role of Master of Ceremonies (MC) at 17 of these events, where I captivate audiences with my knowledge and stories.

I had the honor of serving as the MC for all TinyFest events for four consecutive years, creating memorable experiences for attendees. Now, I bring my enthusiasm and energy to the Colorado Tiny House Festival as their MC, continuing to inspire and educate the tiny house community.

My journey is driven by a love for tiny living and a commitment to helping others achieve their dreams of a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle. Whether building, repairing, or hosting events, I am dedicated to making the tiny house movement accessible and exciting for everyone.

Sunday, 1pm - Main Stage

The REAL Road Life

Join Artisan Josh for an eye-opening session as we dive into the authentic experiences of living, traveling, and working on the road. In “The Real Road Life,” we will uncover the realities that come with embracing a nomadic lifestyle.

Discover the joys and challenges of road life from someone who has traveled over 708,000 miles and built tiny houses on the move. Learn about the unique freedom and flexibility that comes with taking your home and work wherever the road leads. From stunning landscapes to tight-knit communities, this session will highlight the incredible opportunities that road life offers.

But it’s not all picturesque views and endless adventures. We will also address the practicalities and hurdles faced by full-time travelers. How do you stay connected while on the move? What are the logistics of finding places to park and live? How do you balance work and travel effectively?

Whether you are considering this lifestyle for yourself or simply curious about the reality behind the Instagram posts, this session will provide valuable insights and honest answers.

Join Artisan Josh to explore the true essence of road life, from the exhilarating to the everyday, and leave with a deeper understanding of what it means to live, travel, and work on the road.

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