Want to be a vendor at the Colorado Tiny House Festival?

Tiny House Foundation Builders

If you are in search of the absolute best foundation for your tiny house on a trailer, look no further than these guys. Trailer Made has a nationwide presence at premier events all over North America each year, speaking about the do’s and don’ts of tiny house building, how to be a successful DIY builder, or pick the right professional tiny house builder to partner with.  Trailer Made now holds over 70% of the tiny house trailer and structural component market in North America, making them the undisputed “tiny house experts”!

Tiny Houses on Wheels inspection & certification – NOAH provides the unique distinction & credibility of a third-party inspection of each & every THOW!


My name is Michelle Bonne.  I am a Wellness Advocate for doTerra Essential Oils.  I have been involved in doTerra for 8 years.  doTerra Essential Oils are Certifed Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.  They are great for all types of health issues.

Twig Custom Builders

Twig is a veteran owned company offering top-notch CNC and other component systems to pro builders, DIY builders, and the tiny house industry. Our buying power allows us to offer cost-effective solutions at affordable prices.

Speak with us to learn how we can save you time and money while providing you with quality products!

A Tiny Good Thing

Isabelle Nagel-Brice is a tiny house consultant, guiding people through the different phases of their builds. She has put together The Healthy Tiny House Kit with MainStream Corporation, which she offers to DIY and professional builders looking to build a chemical-free and healthy tiny home with continuous fresh air ventilation. Isabelle is passionate about living simply and encouraging others to also have less of an environmental impact. Her website atinygoodthing.com and IG: @atinygoodthing follow the build of her own tiny house.


WeeCasa is a tiny house resort in Lyons, Colorado – the Double Gateway to the Rockies. We believe that life should be a balance of freedom and sustainability. We strive to express this new version of the “American Dream” by providing a new experience built around tiny living and outdoor adventure. Our mission is to provide high-end accommodations that highlight the possibilities of living in a Tiny House. Come and enjoy a night (or longer) in our beautiful setting, enjoy the outdoors and a respite from urban sprawl. Live Wee, Live Free!

THE GRIPSTIC is the best bag sealing device ever made! Much better than chip clips or bag clips. Locking out air and moisture which is the best way to prevent your potato chips, pretzels, snacks, cereal from going stale. Our patented slide and seal technology locks in freshness by sealing the entire bag airtight. They are great to keep your fresh produce fresh longer. And safe to use in the freezer to prevent freezer burn on your food.  Ranked number one among consumers, THE GRIPSTIC bag sealers are a must-have kitchen gadget! Eliminate kitchen clutter and keep your pantry neat and organized.  The original GRIPSTIC is compact, easy to use and easy to store.

For over 30 years, Softub has been an extraordinary adventure. From humble beginnings in a small shop in Los Angeles, CA, Softub is now a worldwide corporation with factories on both coasts and distribution in 50 states and over 30 foreign countries. The primary reasons for Softub’s great success is the truly unique, break-through product concept and the devotion and diligence of hundreds of talented, dedicated employees, dealers, and distributors.

Pacific West Tiny Homes

Pacific West Tiny Homes, Inc. is a subsidiary of Pacific West Associates, Inc. which is an accredited third-party agency that has been recognized in the industry for over 30 years. PWTH is composed of licensed electrical, mechanical, structural and forensic engineers. Our evaluation and certification staff meet the requirements of the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) E-541, which is for agencies engaged in design and system analysis and quality control and assurance analysis. Pacific West Tiny Homes, Inc. offers a complete tiny home certification package that takes you from start to finish on building your new Tiny Home! The package includes all of the necessary materials, including codebooks, checklist, and phone consultations to certify your Tiny Home to applicable standards. Our package is designed for anyone to be able to make sense out of the technical and sometimes difficult to understand code language. We will help you through your process if you have questions or concerns about your build (or your materials).

Real Life Organized

I have a passion for maintaining a simple, organized, and clutter-free lifestyle, and love helping other obtain this as well! Clearing the physical clutter in your life will also help to clear your mind and open yourself up to new and amazing opportunities. I can help you minimize your belongings and organize your household in order to live your best life!

Universal Windows & Doors Direct

Universal Windows Direct of Denver, Colorado is the exclusive provider of UniShield home improvement products that include replacement windows, entry doors and siding to area homeowners.

Universal Windows Direct has been in business since 2002 and has been in Colorado since 2015. The owner, Chris Bilger, has 15 years of industry experience and is dedicated providing customers with exceptional customer service and the best products in the industry.

Farm In A Jar

Salsas, jams, pickled items and other canned goodies made in Colorado.

Sassy Cat Products at the Colorado Tiny House Festival

Our mission is to always provide for you, our friends, the purest products available. To continually research, learn, and share that knowledge of natural eating and healthy living. To always give back with a thankful heart.

Sassy Cat Products strongly believes in giving back to our community.

We donate 20% of all revenue. 10% is gifted to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and 10% to various regional community outreach programs.

After all, it takes a lot of worker bees to make the hive work!

With sweetest regards, from our family to yours.

Renewal By Anderson at the Colorado Tiny House Festival

Renewal by Andersen sells, installs, and services energy-efficient replacement windows and patio doors resulting in beautiful homes and delighted homeowners.

Farmers Insurance at the Colorado Tiny House Festival

Bio coming soon ….

Prime My Body at the Colorado Tiny House Festival

PrimeMyBody is a health, wellness and lifestyle company that embraces the movement to raise awareness on the importance of living a clean and healthy lifestyle; what you put in and on your body matters.

What we accept into our lives, both through our mind and body, has a direct impact on our overall wellness. Our goals is to join our Affiliates and customers on their wellness journey to help educate and empower them about better living, and how they can become an example for others to follow.

Hey! I’m Erin. I’m an independent advisor with H2O at Home. H2O at Home’s mission is to bring safe, effective, and natural home and personal care products into our everyday lives. We have toxin free and environmentally friendly products that are built to last and adhere to the strict European certification standards for organic and natural ingredients. Our products are Eco-friendly, Efficient, and Easy To Use!

I’m excited to meet you, demonstrate our products, and show you how fun and easy cleaning your home can be without toxic chemicals.

Search Tiny House Villages at the Colorado Tiny House Festival

This brand new site is the social solution to tiny house parking. With our comprehensive search function with over 30 filterable fields, our Village Finder tool is your best bet for finding your perfect village.

We have amassed a list of over 200 villages and that is just scratching the surface. We are finding more everyday. Want to help us add villages? Contact us!

Nature's Head Composting Toilet at the Colorado Tiny House Festival

The toilet is self-contained, urine diverting and the waterless operation allows for ease of use for many applications. Also called a dry toilet, Nature’s Head is lightweight, odorless and compact making it a perfect fit for your home, cabin, tiny house, RV, workshop, boat and survival application.

This eco-friendly toilet with its stainless steel hardware, robust construction and user-friendliness has been designed to withstand the harshest of conditions.

We take great pride in offering a product which we manufacture in the United States and strive to provide exceptional customer service. Toilets ordered directly from us ship to you from our assembly plant. We also distribute toilets through a worldwide network of Authorized Distributors.

Easy Trim Reveals at the Colorado Tiny House Festival

We believe in individual expression. We believe in modern architecture and contemporary design. We believe water management is non-negotiable. We believe sustainability is a virtue. We believe in products for every budget. We believe you should get a little more than you pay for. Not everyone shares our beliefs, but if you do, let’s build something together.

Simply one of the strongest, lightweight, reliable exteriors you can put on any home – even a tiny home!

Derek has been trained from a young age (by his grandfather, father and uncles) in traditional fine woodworking and framing. He spent countless hours helping in his father and uncles’ cabinet shop. Derek started working at 13 building homes with his uncles. He has framed high end custom homes in the Cherry Creek and Cherry Hills neighborhoods, built and remodeled numerous homes, custom cabinets, furniture and most recently completed his first tiny home.

Our tiny homes are built with the most sustainable practices. We use reclaimed, re-purposed, secondhand materials and locally harvested beetle kill pine. We use local sheep wool (http://us.sheepwoolinsulation.com/why_wool/) or recycled denim for insulation. We hand build custom windows and cabinets in traditional mortise and tenon construction. The windows are each one of a kind examples of the finest quality craftsmanship. They are single pane with traditional shutters to keep your home or cabin snug on the coldest nights. Doors are all hand built from solid wood.

We prefer to build our tiny homes on skids to be moved by a semi. This provides the ability to obtain a wider footprint (10′-14′) creating a more comfortable and spacious living area.

At Solar Panel Store, we supply everything you need to go solar! Since 2002, we’ve been working with DIY, builders and installers with off-grid cabins, homes, RVs and boats AND TINY HOMES across Colorado and the USA! We take the time to help folks understand what components make up a solid off-grid solar electric system and what makes the most sense for them. Solar and tiny homes are great together (save $, go green, be mobile), but it’s important to get the right quality UL-listed equipment designed to do what you need. From solar panels to batteries and everything in between call us, visit us on-line or in-person at our warehouse along I-70 outside New Castle, Colorado. See you soon!

Food Vendors

Sweet Penelope's BBQ and Catering

I bought my first smoker in 2000. I had spent several years previous watching and reading about smoking meats but work always got in the road. I spent the next nine years studying and cooking for friends, family, and neighbors. I would wake my neighbors at 3 AM with the aroma of BBQ coming in their open windows, so inviting them to dinner helped keep peace in the neighborhood.  On November 25th, 2016 Sweet Penelope’z BBQ and Catering officially open for business and since then we’ve become an award-winning, family-oriented and incredible place to get your next meal!

Bio coming soon …..

Michael Acosta's Steady Smoking BBQ & Hot Dog Cart

Steady Smoking BBQ and Hot Dog Cart offers an affordable menu of hot dogs, nachos, smoked meats and more. Serving the Denver Metro Area, the cart is available for catering, events and fundraisers.

Cowgirl Kettle Corn

Cowgirl Kettle Corn uses only the best Non-GMO, Giant Mushroom kernels with a little sugar and a whole lotta love. We are natives of Colorado and have been told we make some of the best kettle corn around. So when you hear the bell ring, follow your nose to find a batch of hot, fresh kettle corn waiting for you!

Yogie’s Ice Cream Truck

Bio coming soon….

Mac'N Noodles

Noodles has been serving up an American comfort food classic to the Denver area since 2016. Everybody loves macaroni & cheese, and with a diverse menu of artisan-crafted macaroni and cheese, there is surely an entree for every taste at Mac ‘N Noodles!

Island Noodles

Island Noodles utilizes freshly made Yaki-Soba noodles, with hi-protein wheat, traditionally served in Hawaii. These noodles are stir-fired with fresh garlic, ginger, a medley of 21 fresh vegetables, some of which are seasonal, in specially designed wok-stove units. These ingredients are then simmered in a secret light island sauce. The outcome is a unique noodle dish with a high flavor profile using no dairy, nuts, or meat products. Each heaping portion of Island Noodles is conveniently served in a unique environmentally friendly recycled sealable take out container. This amount is generally enough for two persons. Aloha Soy Sauce and Sriracha Thai chili sauce are offered as condiments to compliment the already flavorful dish.

Rocky Mountain Lemonshakers

Exotic Lemonades and Teas

Cyndys Food-Lish-Us

My life is one adventure after another, and this is the next chapter in my book. My food ‘truck’ is actually a bus! I love cooking like my grandmother used to – and bringing to you that feeling of comfort and love.

Coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

We are entering our fifth year of our favorite business. Rocky Mountain Snowflakes opened for business July 4, 2013. Don’t mistake us for a snow cone we are nothing like a snow cone. Our shaved ice is soft and smooth not crunchy. We also offer a Hawaiian Style shaved ice that has ice cream in the bottom and marshmallow cream drizzled on the top as an ice cap. In addition to shaved ice we have Lemonade and Frozen Lemonade. We have had many compliments from our customers that we are the best shaved ice they have had in Denver. Here is one quote from a happy customer. “You made us fans for life!! Best shave ice since my time on the islands!!! Can’t wait for another one!! Thank you!” Ben B.
2016 was the beginning of our journey to fundraising for schools and churches! We will gladly donate 20% of our sales back to your PTA or church, just think what that means… a new playground, new computers, funding for missions trips and anything else the school or church decides!!

South Philly Cheese Steak Brighton Colorado

Bio coming soon ….

Check back often! We are adding Vendors daily!