Damon DesChamp

Trailer Made Custom Trailers
Damon DesChamp and his Wife Natalie are the founders of Trailer Made Custom Trailers and TM Frame Systems.  Beginning in 2013, Natalie and Damon assembled a team of some of the best steel fabricators, designers, engineers, and home builders to transform the underground tiny house movement into a professional, ethical industry worthy of code approval and full legalization across the country. You have probably seen their products, their work, or even their faces on television shows like Tiny House Nation, Tiny House Big Living, Tiny House Hunters, and on Tiny Luxury, just to name a few.  Trailer Made has a nationwide presence at premier events all over North America each year, speaking about the do’s and don’ts of tiny house building, how to be a successful DIY builder, or pick the right professional tiny house builder to partner with.  Trailer Made now holds over 70% of the tiny house trailer and structural component market in North America, making them the undisputed “tiny house experts”!
The tireless pursuit of innovation and perfection by Damon, Natalie and the Trailer Made team has catapulted their company into the forefront of the tiny house industry’s evolution.  In addition to being the world’s leading supplier of tiny house specific components, Trailer Made has been on the political front lines paving the way for full tiny house legalization, code compliance and approval, and even insurance and financing options for those who want to go tiny.  Even after thousands of tiny house projects have gone out the front door of Trailer Made, new tiny house enthusiasts are still amazed at just how deeply involved in ALL aspects of the tiny house movement this company truly is!  These two owners have dedicated their careers and their lives to this industry, and they are always excited to strike up a random conversation about tiny homes.  Natalie and Damon still to this day believe that every new tiny house owner is adopted into the very large, very extended Trailer Made Tiny House Family!

Greg Parham

Greg Parham is the founder and owner of Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses based in Durango, CO. Greg was raised in a small Texas town where he learned the values of hard work, honesty, integrity, and also of individualism/autonomy, but also of helping a neighbor in need. He has an extensive background in several facets including starting work as a carpenter at age 14, to receiving a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Texas in 2005, to practicing architecture for five years in the booming region of central Texas, to dabbling in a bit of real estate investing before moving to Durango in 2011. Here, he found odd jobs as a handyman before landing a position as a Contractor/lead designer with a local alternative home builder. Here, Greg not only learned the art of estimating, permitting, managing sub contractors, staying on top of material orders, and working within budget constraints,  but he also absorbed much knowledge of alternative building methods such as strawbale, papercrete, hempcrete, locally milled framing lumber, adobe, and envelope wall to name a few. By the end of 2012, Greg had caught wind of the tiny house movement. Searching for his own affordable housing option in the incredibly high priced Durango real estate market, he made the decision to design and build his own tiny house. In the Spring of 2013, while constructing his new house,  Greg saw an opportunity in the emerging tiny house market and decided to combine all of his talents and passions into the formation of Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses. To date, his team has designed and built over 45 completely custom tiny houses, never building the same house twice. Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses is known for quality, customization, and pushing the boundaries of tiny house design.

In his free time, Greg enjoys playing outside as much as possible. A former bronze medalist at the USA cycling 24 hour mountain bike nationals, cycling remains Greg’s top past time, but you can also find him paddleboarding, skiing, snow shoeing , hiking, mountaineering, backpacking, and hunting the several rivers, valleys, mountains, and forests that abound in Colorado and across the southwest.

Art Laubach

Art started gaining construction experience in his youth working with family businesses, spending the summers working on roofing, siding and other construction on the east coast. Since then, Art has gained invaluable knowledge and experience in many different facets of construction.  Art has experience with concrete and pier foundations, wood and steel framing, outdoor structures, decks, complete renovations, building additions, geodesic dome construction, and now – building the best Tiny House Shells you can find.

Art is the builder for Einstyne Tiny Homes, and a geek for “building science”, airtight construction, green building and always striving for ways to ensure the greatest quality builds for the customer.

Art is an avid animal advocate and loves spending time with his pets, volunteering with animal organizations and is very excited to bring this event to the Wild Animal Sanctuary.

Jonathon Phipard

Jon is a Colorado tiny-house-on-wheels dweller residing in Grand Junction . His career during the week is in the medical field.  Living Tiny and Simple allows him to enjoy more activities in the great outdoors, such as Hiking, Biking, Kayaking, Photography, and Gardening.  He loves living in his tiny house with his new four legged friend Oliver.  For Jon, living tiny means contributing to a greener environment, decreasing fossil fuel consumption and most importantly, water conservation. Jon hopes to shed some light on what is like living tiny, as well as the some of the hurdles he has had to clear finding a suitable place to park his tiny.

Jess Radle

Jess Radle Piney Pods

Jess Radle is a Qualifying Broker/Owner/Developer & Designer of tiny homes and tiny house communities from Ruidoso, NM. Jess is also the New Mexico State Chapter Leader for The American Tiny House Association.  He was in the Navy/Merchant Marine and has experienced living small way before the movement was big. His extensive travels around the world have inspired him to incorporate the aesthetics and style that reflect his ever changing lifestyle and ways of living. He is currently working on a development project in Red River, NM. Stay Tuned For More!

Here’s a great article on a medical miracle and how it all came to be!

Byron Fears

SimBLISSity Tiny Homes is a family-owned business dedicated to building superior, high-quality tiny homes.

We are located near Boulder, Colorado in Lyons in the Foothills of the spectacular Rocky Mountains.

Our focus is to provide people the opportunity to simplify and enhance their lives with sustainable, size-appropriate homes that are energy efficient and affordable. We consider our Tiny Homes to be “Movable Wheel Estate” that can be moved easily as one’s lifestyle changes and expands.

Our custom designs address those who live a Big Life but want to simplify and need space to accommodate all the gear necessary to live their active, outdoor, four-season lifestyle.

SimBLISSity Tiny Homes can provide a fully-built home, a spare bedroom, an office, a storage room, or whatever you need to realize your dreams.

We are very active outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking, backpacking, biking, camping, skiing, snowshoeing and more. Our custom Tiny Homes designs provide storage for the gear you need to continue pursuing your lifestyle and outdoor passions.

SimBLISSity Tiny Homes are designed for Four-Season living, keeping you cozy and comfortable in the cold of winter as well as keeping the heat of summer outside.


Robin Butler

Robin Butler

Robin Butler Bio Coming Soon….

Isabelle Nagel-Brice

Isabelle Nagel-Brice A Tiny Good Thing

Isabelle Nagel-Brice has pursued a more simple lifestyle by building her own green built tiny home. It was her goal to use recyclable, re-used, and biodegradable materials in the construction of her house. She looked at the lifecycle of her house, and knowing that it would one day be taken down, she didn’t want it to entirely end up in a landfill.

She has an undergraduate degree in Permaculture and Cultural Studies, and a double minor in Anthropology and Spanish. Her studies have given her the fundamentals to explore the world with a cultural lens. She has worked on Organic farms, and studied midwifery and attended births as a doula in Guatemala and the U.S. She has backpacked both in the backcountry and front-country as an avid world traveler. She has an insatiable curiosity for life, which has led her to where she is today.

Isabelle loves connecting with people who have a passion for tiny houses and natural living. She is now a tiny house consultant, guiding people through the different phases of their builds. As well as a sales representative for a local green building company (MainStream Corporation), and a natural mattress company (Haiku Designs). She has designed sleep systems specifically for tiny homes that are toxin-free, low-profile, and long lasting. Green building is the new wave of the tiny house movement, so contact Isabelle and get on board!

Ryan McCue

Ryan McCue
Born and Raised in the Rocky Mountains, I’m a proud native of Colorado. Mountains are in my blood and a huge part of my life. Living in harmony with nature has always been a way of life rather than just a hobby or interest of mine. This is the driving force behind my passion for tiny homes!
I have been building and creating since I was in diapers. I have a Real Estate and Construction Management degree from The University of Denver, I have worked in Commercial, Multifamily and Single Family Residential Construction as well as being a licensed broker. I am saddened by the scale of waste in all construction industries. There is a way to build smarter and cheaper and I believe tiny homes are the solution.

Stephanie Parham

Stephanie has been interested in tiny house living since 2014. It just so happened she lived in Durango, CO, where her favorite tiny house builder was based, Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses. Stephanie met Greg during the planning phase of her dream tiny home. The two hit it off well and were married within a year! Stephanie moved into Greg’s 16′ tiny house, where the two have been residing with two pups for about a year. This 160 sq foot house was never intended for this many occupants, but they have made adjustments to make it work out-still, life wasn’t without its challenges! Come hear Stephanie talk about useful tips for making tiny house living more comfortable, practical, and sustainable (and maybe get a little dirt on Greg!) Tune in on things to consider while designing and building your own tiny house!

Michael Buccino

Michael has lived in Steamboat Springs, Colorado for 21 years and has a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from Arizona State University. He moved to Colorado with the ambition to one day to own his own firm.   As regional director of the American Tiny House Association, he will speak with an emphasis on tiny house zoning and legalization! more info

Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson is a newly launched tiny dweller.  Over the past 2 years, he has shed a corporate job, a traditional house, a few lifetimes of accumulated possessions and is now ready to live in a 200 square foot tiny home created from a retired school bus. While the work on the new home is still very much in progress, attendees are welcomed to see what’s possible in an alternative tiny space.
Chris is a do-it-yourselfer. No previous qualifications or experience designing or building a home or maintaining a diesel / solar powered house. As a result, can stories about the process from a practical do-it-yourself perspective.

Cynthia and Raymond Thillet

Come meet and hear the story of these DIYers as they tell you the story of their tiny house build!

Jamey & Jen Archer

Jamey & Jen Archer

Jamey and Jen Archer are American citizens living part of their lives in a different world. In 2012, the couple leapt into an unexpected life, surviving a house-sitting gig in a volcano home on the beautiful, exotic Ometepe Island in Nicaragua’s mysterious Lake Cocibola. Along with their son Jeylin, the family endured several challenges that they had to ‘sink or swim’ not realizing the full scope of their “off-grid” paradigm. They had to learn how to connect with the community by earning trust and trade their own skills and education in order to survive. Jamey Archer is a career tradesman specializing in artistic and conventional construction craftworks. Jen is an educator, performer and problem-solving enthusiast with a passion for “mindful living.”  In 2016, the family broke ground on the teacher’s housing, a unique dome design, for their Ascential Language & Arts School (ALAS) in the Merida and El Congo villages. The house will be created from compressed earth blocks that have already been tested in the quirky San Juan del Sur weather and the dome design has been used to create several other useful, sustainable structures.  The Archers are proficient water conservationists and they are skilled at repurposing “trash” items and discovering ways to survive “without.” Come hear their story and be prepared to ask questions!

Thom & Midge Stanton

Thom and Midge Stanton GoTiny

Thom Stanton – Designer, Builder, Educator

Go Tiny co-founder, Thom Stanton is a long-time advocate of “legitimizing and legalizing” movable tiny houses as code compliant dwellings and permissible full-time residences.

A small space visionary, 11th generation builder, and tiny house how-to educator, Thom and his wife Midge live on the road as “full-timers” helping DIY builders plan and prepare to Go Tiny. To help further formalize the tiny house industry and foster its intentional growth, the Stanton’s support tiny house construction companies with home planning and consulting services. They also work with state housing and community development administrators and municipal zoning and building officials to help expand access to tiny house communities.

Thom brings a humorous, energetic, and enabling open-source approach to his speaking engagements, builder coaching sessions, and 1-on-1 planning consultations, working hard to provide insightful how-to information that enables practical can-do decision-making.

Thom is eager to share his knowledge, experience, and options to help you “go tiny!”

Davin Burke

Originally from Alaska, Davin came to Colorado 12 years ago to study Environmental Economics at the University of Colorado – Boulder. During his senior year, he founded an entertainment magazine then went on to start several businesses ranging from a record label, to a technology company, to an industrial robotics company, to a supply chain and logistics mastermind collaborative – The Future Leaders of Logistics. Most recently, Davin has found his next adventure as COO of Overcon Inc. where he is pioneering new ways to upcycle shipping containers including tiny homes, commercial and residential buildings, mobile bars, vertical farming, intelligent beehives, etc. As an advocate for sustainable development, agile living, and intrapreneur-ing – Davin looks to develop new and innovative ways to live, work, and play.