Regional Director | American Tiny House Association


I have lived in Steamboat Springs, Colorado for 21 years and have a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from Arizona State University. I moved to Colorado with the ambition to one day to own  my own firm. In 2000, I did just that. I have developed a niche market by not only doing design consultation, but also complete interior renovation general contracting. From the drywall to the drapery, to the cabinetry flooring and furniture. My firm, Steamboat Interiors, Corp., will help in anyway needed. For mostly second home buyers. We help identify their style and needs, discuss the functional uses they have and then design in interior space the help achieves these objectives. 


Community Involvement

American Tiny House Association – Region 4 – Director
Planning Commissioner for the City of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.


What is my focus on Tiny Houses

Zoning, regulations and rules to how we experience and use our world, can change. It starts with a group of people, being of like mind, approach an industry and see how we can ‘make it happen’. With the onset of the IRC2018 addendum, offering a baseline structure to building codes for tiny house construction, this industry is in its infancy of changing lives by providing home ownership. I believe a community will thrive when as many of its citizens have a vested interest in where they live. The Tiny House movement offers another choice to a condo, or apartment or even too big of house for started homes. As we embark on helping communities around the US, into changing the zoning, regulations and building codes that will embrace this movement, we will see lives changed. Opportunities for small communities of tiny homes, infill lots in towns across the country will be turned into much needed housing. Areas of our counties that we ‘off grid’ can now have small luxury residences, that are portable or fixed on a foundation. But not live in a box to call a house, but to live in an amazingly designed and engineered residences that even the most sophisticated individuals would live in or own. We will see this happen.

Let’s help people to understanding the processes and legal steps required to change these rules. This ability to make changes, is what makes our country so great. The more we help educate and inform, the more people really see another powerful advantage to our country’s democracy. Additionally, we can be the resource to help reputable builders in the local areas match up with  potential homeowners. Being able to use relationships, and experiences from the past and develop a network of successes throughout our regions, will help in solidifying the American Tiny House Association as a leader in the tiny house movement. And have fun along the way!



Bachelors of Science in Design – Interior Design 1991
Arizona State University College of Architecture and Environmental Design.
FIDER Accredited 5-year Design Program


Family – I was born in 1996 (I’m 51) and have been married to my wife, Janelle, for 21 years. We have three children,
Mikey 15, Anya 13, and Grayson 11. We love living in Colorado and enjoy camping, mountain biking, golf,
snowboarding, hiking and so much more