Are you the proud owner of a tiny house, skoolie, van conversion or teardrop that you live in, or built yourself and want to show it at the Colorado Tiny House Festival? Requesting a spot only takes a minute!

Das Kleine Haus

Greetings! We are Ray and Erika Kessler-Ison – a couple of cider-drinking, dog-loving, adventure-seeking hooligans from Denver, CO. After moving in and out various rental properties, Erika’s family home, and a transatlantic move to and from Northeast England, it was finally time to settle into a home of our own. Taking on a mortgage though was just not feasible, and the thought of owning an average size house has never been very appealing anyway. The solution to our problem: build our own home that we could take anywhere life takes us!
We began construction on our THOW, Das Kleine Haus (German for “The Little House”) in April 2016, but tiny living was something we aspired to before we even knew what tiny houses were. Our efforts consist of 3 years of planning, over a year of construction, many awkward parking spots, an endless stream of people asking “where are you going to put it?”, and all the blood, sweat, and tears you might expect from taking on such a project. The process has been slow, but has been the ultimate test of patience and respect for one another. We are so excited to have our home at the Colorado Tiny House Festival!

Masyn Moyer | PeeWee

Masyn Moyer - PeeWee
Bio coming soon!

Scott Miller | Homer

Scott Miller

Hello! My name is Scott Miller. I fell in love with the tiny house movement in high school but never really had the guts to move into a tiny house of my own until I graduated from college last year and started looking at the rental markets for apartments in Colorado. After a few months of searching, I decided that it would be more economical for me to invest in a tiny house than to spend 50% of my paycheck each month on rent. So, I began looking for vans first so that I could fulfill the normal stereotype of dirtbag rock climbers, but with the winter quickly approaching, I found Homer; a 25’ tiny house on the back of an E350 chassis to call my home for the foreseeable future! Unlike many of the other DIYers I didn’t build Homer myself but I did buy him from a guy in Delta, Colorado who did an amazing job building my tiny house and he actually lived in my house for two years before he put it on the market. So, I’m still learning all about Homer’s quirks and how I could make some minor modifications here and there, but for the most part, what you see is what you get! On a side note, I’m currently based in the Stapleton/Aurora area, so its possible that you’ve seen me driving around before; but if you haven’t I’m looking forward to meeting all of you this summer at the Colorado Tiny House Festival!

Simply Schooled

Simply Schooled

We are a true Brady bunch family! We call ourselves the “M” family for Magical! (but really a combination of the “Mecca’s” and the “McClory’s”) J We believe in traveling and spreading positivity to all who we encounter. We all love to learn and grow and believe in being a student for life. Christopher is an amazing daddy, carpenter, lapidary artist, and jeweler. Christina is a spirited mommy, architectural designer/drafter, artist, musician, and life coach. Niko is a rebel teen that fights for what’s right and is a musician and artist. Logan is a jokester tween that loves to build and create things, rock hound, and anything science. Elise is a magical child who loves to learn about everything and is a budding artist. Alice is a bustling toddler who loves rocks, crystals, animals, and EVERYBODY! She will light up your smile! Soon we will be adding our little baby boy, Indigo, to our crazy bunch. Already, in the womb, he is following in daddy’s champion karate kid footsteps much to his mommy’s discomfort! By going tiny we wished to be able to travel freely and share our gifts with other’s near and far. We wished to have adventures as a family and learn and grow with each other through exploring and experiencing cultural diversity. We wished to be as self-sustaining as possible and reduce our footprint on this earth. Yes, the tiny life has enabled us to have a better balance of being close to one another while also having our own spaces and interests. We love our big tiny life!

Cynthia & Ray Thillet | The Murphy

Our dream house for a long time was a log cabin. The trouble was we didn’t have land and it was way out of our budget. Then one year we saw a log cabin on wheels. It was almost perfect but we couldn’t pull it because it was 10 feet wide. This would have been ok if we had a permanent place for it. Three years we took our first trip to Colorado Springs and got to see our first tiny house at Tumbleweed. There were things we liked but too much we didn’t. One night we sat down and drew our ideal tiny house on a sheet of notebook paper even going so far as making it 3D. We had our design now we needed a builder. That year Portland had their tiny house conference. Our goal was to find a builder and to find out how to find a place to park it. We gained much more than that. We became part of a growing community. When we got home we planned on ways to fund the building of our house. We sold 2 houses sold/donated 90 percent of our belongings and moved 2 states away to a 600 sqr ft apartment. After 8 months all was a go-to start having our house built. 1 year ago we drove a 150 Ram truck to pick up our house. The place we are at now was our second choice to live but the best place. We have had our tongue bend and our water heater freeze. We have made changes and could make more. Living tiny was the best thing for us. We come home and smile when we see our house.