Are you the proud owner of a tiny house that you built yourself? Would you like to showcase that awesome stead? We would love to have you at the festival this year. Please send an email to to have your self-built tiny house become part of the festival. In your email, please provide the following information:

  • type of tiny house (bumper pull trailer, gooseneck trailer, Skoolie, sprinter van, cargo container, etc.
  • overall dimensions of your tiny i.e. 8′-6w x 24′ l x 13′-5″ high
  • 1-5 pictures of your tiny in jpg format, preferably file size 500 kilobytes or smaller
  • any other information that you might find pertinent

DIY Builders

They built their own - and showing it to you!

Das Kleine Haus

Greetings! We are Ray and Erika Kessler-Ison – a couple of cider-drinking, dog-loving, adventure-seeking hooligans from Denver, CO. After moving in and out various rental properties, Erika’s family home, and a transatlantic move to and from Northeast England, it was finally time to settle into a home of our own. Taking on a mortgage though was just not feasible, and the thought of owning an average size house has never been very appealing anyway. The solution to our problem: build our own home that we could take anywhere life takes us!
We began construction on our THOW, Das Kleine Haus (German for “The Little House”) in April 2016, but tiny living was something we aspired to before we even knew what tiny houses were. Our efforts consist of 3 years of planning, over a year of construction, many awkward parking spots, an endless stream of people asking “where are you going to put it?”, and all the blood, sweat, and tears you might expect from taking on such a project. The process has been slow, but has been the ultimate test of patience and respect for one another. We are so excited to have our home at the first Colorado Tiny House Festival!

Artisan Josh

Artisan Josh

I am a Certified Master Tradesman, Contractor, Artisan, and Muralist, with 21yrs of in-trade, and on-site experience in the Design, Construction, and Fabrication Fields. I Live, Work, and Play out of a 12′ Custom Built, Eco-Friendly, and Self-Sustaining Tiny Home. I believe that our personal environment, our living & working spaces, should enable us to become healthier, happier, more productive, creative, and ultimately more successful. Thus, allowing us to compete head-on with the larger business of actually: Experiencing our LIFE. Even more importantly, I believe you can achieve that goal. We all can. Without breaking the bank in the process.

“Your Dreams+My Concepts=Our Reality”

“If you can dream it, I can build it”

Monablue On Wheels

monablue on wheels
Zachary and Rebeca Koblick de León are newlyweds who decided to transform an old Dodge Ram van into a micro home. Zack is from the Bay Area, CA and Beca is from Central Mexico. They currently live in Marin County, California and both work in the restaurant industry. They began work transforming their van into a tiny shelter mid-2016 as a trial building project for their future THOW. Living simply, with focus on family and experience, has been a dream of theirs for several years. Their ultimate goal is to be living on a small property with their children, tending goats, chickens, and some crops.

Cindy & Raymond Thillet

Our dream house for a long time was a log cabin.  The trouble was we didn’t have land and it was way out of our budget.  Then one year we saw a log cabin on wheels.  It was almost perfect but we couldn’t pull it because it was 10 feet wide. This would have been ok if we had a permanent place for it.  Three years we took our first trip to Colorado Springs and got to see our first tiny house at Tumbleweed.  There were things we liked but too much we didn’t. One night we sat down and drew our ideal tiny house on a sheet of notebook paper even going so far as making it 3D.  We had our design now we needed a builder.  That year Portland had their tiny house conference.  Our goal was to find a builder and to find out how to find a place to park it.  We gained much more than that. We became part of a growing community. When we got home we planned on ways to fund the building of our house. We sold 2 houses sold/donated  90 percent of our belongings and moved 2 states away to a 600 sqr ft apartment.   After 8 months all was a go to start having our house built.  1 year ago we drove a 150 Ram truck to pick up our house.  The place we are at now was our second choice to live but the best place. We have had our tongue bend and our water heater freeze.  We have made changes and could make more.  Living tiny was the best thing for us.  We come home and smile when we see our house.

Ken Leigh

Ken built this beautiful tiny home in Maine, and drove it all the way to Colorado. This 32′ tiny home is well designed, expertly crafted, and built to last! Features include: – Sleeping loft over hitch with drawers underneath, and closet system for storing clothing – Large living room space with room for futon, recliner, and desk/table – 8′ of kitchen counter, RV rated propane appliances with combo wash/dryer – High quality cork flooring throughout (vinyl flooring in bathroom) – 48″ bathroom with 32″ shower stall, bathroom sink, Nature’s Head composting toilet, and plenty of storage – Shiplap interior walls and ceiling – Andersen casement and awning windows for plenty of natural lighting – Standing seam curved metal roofing – All cedar exterior siding, clapboard wainscoting with cedar shake shingles on top Utilities and Details: – Double axle (7,500# per axle) HD fifth-wheel trailer (32′ overall) – 12’2″ overall road height (lower for easier and safer transport) – Roxul mineral wool batt insulation – Shore power hookup plus 12 volt 260 amp hours off grid system – 1000 watt inverter – 30 amp converter – Pro-Logix battery charger – 3M Recreational vehicle water filtration system – Shurflo 4008 RV by-pass water pump – 45 gallon fresh water tank, and 45 gallon grey water holding tank (mounted underneath trailer) – Norcold 5.5 cu ft propane/ac refrigerator – Atwood 21″ 3 burner propane range with oven – Edgestar combo washer & dryer – Camco 8,000 btu catalytic wall mount safety heater – Atwood 6 gal. L.P. gas water heater – Atwood 21′ L.P. gas range & slide-in cooktop – Nature’s Head self- contained composting toilet – 17″ x 13″ bath sink – 17″ x 21″ Elkay kitchen sink – 19″Insignia TV with cable TV hookup on house
The best thing about this tiny house — is it’s FOR SALE and can be yours! Check it out at the Colorado Tiyn House Festival and make this beautiful tiny home, your new home!

Hillary Cable

Hillary Cable

Is that a horse trailer? Yes.  Is that a tiny home? Yes!

A unique “stealth” tiny home build by Hillary Cable.

Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson
Chris Robinson is a newly launched tiny dweller.  Over the past 2 years, he has shed a corporate job, a traditional house, a few lifetimes of accumulated possessions and is now ready to live in a 200 square foot tiny home created from a retired school bus. While the work on the new home is still very much in progress, attendees are welcomed to see what’s possible in an alternative tiny space.
Chris is a do-it-yourselfer. No previous qualifications or experience designing or building a home or maintaining a diesel / solar powered house. As a result, can stories about about the process from a practical do-it-yourself perspective.