Are you the proud owner of a tiny house that you built yourself? Would you like to showcase that awesome stead? We would love to have you at the festival this year. Please send an email to to have your self-built tiny house become part of the festival. In your email, please provide the following information:

  • type of tiny house (bumper pull trailer, gooseneck trailer, Skoolie, sprinter van, cargo container, etc.
  • overall dimensions of your tiny i.e. 8′-6w x 24′ l x 13′-5″ high
  • 1-5 pictures of your tiny in jpg format, preferably file size 500 kilobytes or smaller
  • any other information that you might find pertinent

DIY Builders

They built their own - and want to show it to you!

Das Kleine Haus

Greetings! We are Ray and Erika Kessler-Ison – a couple of cider-drinking, dog-loving, adventure-seeking hooligans from Denver, CO. After moving in and out various rental properties, Erika’s family home, and a transatlantic move to and from Northeast England, it was finally time to settle into a home of our own. Taking on a mortgage though was just not feasible, and the thought of owning an average size house has never been very appealing anyway. The solution to our problem: build our own home that we could take anywhere life takes us!
We began construction on our THOW, Das Kleine Haus (German for “The Little House”) in April 2016, but tiny living was something we aspired to before we even knew what tiny houses were. Our efforts consist of 3 years of planning, over a year of construction, many awkward parking spots, an endless stream of people asking “where are you going to put it?”, and all the blood, sweat, and tears you might expect from taking on such a project. The process has been slow, but has been the ultimate test of patience and respect for one another. We are so excited to have our home at the first Colorado Tiny House Festival!