Einstyne Tiny Homes

Einstyne Tiny Homes only does one thing – Custom Tiny House Shells.  We guarantee that our tiny house shell is the strongest, most airtight shell you can buy. We’ll save you money by taking the hardest, most critical component of the build off your shoulders so you can finish the rest however you wish! A truly custom build is one that you’ve finished yourself and something you’ll be proud of forever!

If you are in search of the absolute best foundation for your tiny house on a trailer, look no further than these guys. Trailer Made has a nationwide presence at premier events all over North America each year, speaking about the do’s and don’ts of tiny house building, how to be a successful DIY builder, or pick the right professional tiny house builder to partner with.  Trailer Made now holds over 70% of the tiny house trailer and structural component market in North America, making them the undisputed “tiny house experts”!

Based out of Aurora, CO, Fred and Kate will build you either a turn key tiny house, or a tiny house shell using steel stud framing. They have over 35 years of general construction experience across the greater Denver area.

Kamtz Tiny Home Company

I’m Luke Kamtz. I grew up in my family’s custom cabinet shop. I started my own company as a carpenter/cabinet installer about 15 years ago.  We have installed cabinets all over the state Colorado and surrounding states. We started doing major custom remodels about 5 years ago. Wanting to take on another adventure we decided the next challenge was to build tiny homes on wheels. We started Kamtz Tiny Home Company. We are a small family operation with myself and my dad building and my wife helping with design and customer service. We love the movement and the creativity of building these homes for people. We look forward to building these for many years to come.

Tiny Home Team

We bring decades of experience in the construction industry, big and small, to your tiny home project. From start to finish, we are fully adept at managing all phases of the construction of your tiny home.

Collaborate Concepts, LLC is a newly founded company specializing in custom concepts from design to fabrication. Here is where your idea becomes the starting point to making your project dream come to life.

We are a veteran owned and family operated business focused highly on quality and perfection. Collaborate Concepts is a one-stop shop where our team is skilled in 3D concept and shop drawings, steel and aluminum fabrication/welding, mechanical logistics, and limitless creative ideas.

Bio coming soon!

At Hideaway Tiny Homes we know that choosing to buy a tiny house is not just a decision, it is a lifestyle choice. For everyone that dedicates themselves to living a minimal, eco-friendly, and simpler lifestyle, Hideaway is here to help build and support that vision and dream.

ECK Architecture, Castle Rock, Colorado

Eck Architecture is a builder of tiny homes that unite both form and function. A long-standing family tradition of home building, Eck Architecture is based out of Castle Rock, Colorado, with an emphasis on quality materials and craftsmanship. Customer satisfaction drives our passion to be the go-to builder for any and all needs of tiny home builds.

GeNex Housing Solutions is a company committed to helping you find the right home. Specializing in tiny homes we offer prefabricated models, shells, and building consultation for all stages of your tiny house projects.

We build tiny homes on wheels that are designed to meet your needs and vision. We offer trailers, shells, any level of finished home and consulting! Want to build your own?  We understand that learning can’t be done in a weekend.  It takes learning the skill, practicing, and then applying it to your home.  Let our team help you build your dream!